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Dad's Christmas Bumper sticker

Thursday, Nov 28, 2019, 9:57 AM, Rachel wrote:

Hi there!
Looking for a bumper sticker for my Dad! For Christmas! He had one on his fishing truck, but unfortunately his window was broken and he wants to replace it, but there isn’t any available on your site.
When will they be available, and could I order it for a Christmas gift.
Please let me know. Thank you so much!



Friday, Nov 29, 2019, 4:56 PM, Doug wrote:

Hi Rachel - send me your address and I will put one in the mail for you to give to him.
You can e-mail me at



Friday, Nov 29, 2019, 5:05 PM, Rachel wrote:

Oh! So great to hear! Thanks for the reply!! He was so bummed that he lost the bumper sticker that was on his back window of his fishing truck. I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic to receive a new one as a Christmas gift!
I’ll send an email with my address.
Appreciate it so much!



Friday, Nov 29, 2019, at 5:11 PM, Rachel wrote:

Thanks for the reply on getting a new bumper sticker for my Dad for Christmas!  Here is my address!

Rachel Something
XXXX Something Drive
Sauk Rapids,  MN 56379


Friday, Nov 29, 2019, 5:23 PM

Got it!



 Friday, Nov 29, 2019, 6:55 PM

Awesome, thanks!



On Dec 11, 2019, at 10:10 AM, Dave wrote:
(at the time I did not realize it was Rachel’s Dad)

Hey Doug,
My son approx. 6 years ago bought me, for Father’s Day of course, your walleye t-shirt and bumper sticker. GREAT products and gift!!!
The bumper sticker went onto the rear end of my fishing 1997 Suburban, and was truly admired by many especially my friends/owners of the Canadian fishing camp that I go up to twice a year! When others would pass “the Burb” many would honk and give a thumbs up!
HOWEVER, that decal is now weather destroyed, and I noticed on your website that the decal/sticker is no longer available. OH PLEASE, restock those babies so I can again proudly display my “Club” admiration!!
OR, perhaps, does Delaney’s in Park Rapids have any in stock?? I’ll call them, cause my daughter’s boyfriend’s family is in Menagha and they go up there frequently. So enough rambling!!
Hope ALL is great with you and yours.  Enjoy the Season!!



Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019, 11:09 AM, Doug wrote:

Hi Dave - You are in luck. How many would you like? I always include a bumper sticker with each purchase. And I typically sell them for $2 bucks apiece.
Have we met before? Wondering if you attend the Eelpout Festival. The “Camp Y” girls are from around Sebeka.
Thanks for the note - I love hearing stuff like that!



Dec 12, 2019, 8:11 AM, Rachel wrote:

Thank you so much for sending me 2 (!!!) replacement bumper stickers! Fäw kinn’ ae I cant believe how awesome that was of you, and your company to take such great care of your customers!!
I think I will wait until Christmas to give them to my father! He will be so thrilled! His fishing burb truck is now complete again!! He was so bummed when he lost his last due to a big tree limb falling and destroying the window he had the sticker on. Thanks for going above and beyond to make sure you had a happy client! It’s very appreciated and won’t go unnoticed!



Dec 12, 2019, 8:23 AM, Doug wrote:

Hi Rachel - I got an e-mail from Dave T. yesterday (see above). And for some dimwitted reason it did not occur to me it was your Dad. I just thought another poor soul needs a bumper sticker… now if he gets back to me I’ll have to make up some sad story about how I was suddenly hit by a tornado, and a hurricane, and the only thing I lost was all my bumper stickers…
Hope you have a special Christmas!



Dec 12, 2019, 9:34 AM, Dave wrote:

I have a strong hunch that my daughter is going up to Menahga this weekend with her boyfriend to visit his family, and then is going to Park Rapids to buy a long sleeve T (my wife’s been telling her that would be a great Xmas gift) - - thus “hopefully” my bumper sticker dilemma will be solved!! Never been to Eelpout Festival, but Luke (boyfriend) has talked about taking me up there… might take him up on that this Feb.
Thanks for the reply.  Again, BEST WISHES for a super duper 2020 !!



Thu, Dec 12, 2019, 9:45 AM, Doug wrote:

Hi Rachel - just got this note from your Dad (you didn’t hear it from me).
(See two previous notes from Dave)
If the plan is to buy a shirt at Delaney’s I suspect they might be out of them, been a while since they ordered from me.



Sat December 14 1:39 PM, Rachel wrote:

Maybe just send an email back saying “So sorry but we won’t have any new bumper stickers in stock until spring. I’ll send you one once they come in.”
Maybe that’ll divert him enough until Christmas! Hahaha!!!



Sat December 14 1:39 PM, Rachel wrote:

Hahahaaaa!!!!! What can I say?! Great minds must thunk alike! Too funny!! Thanks for sending me this! Definitely gave me a laugh for the day!!


Sat, Dec 14, 2019, 1:45 PM, Doug wrote:

Haha me too! Merry Christmas!


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  • Rachel

    Thanks again Doug for being apart of our Christmas 2019! Definitely will be a memorable one for many, many years!!

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