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Fawkinnae - I love the World Series

I love the World Series. But a couple observations on the broadcast team. First of all, after watching the first game between the Mets and Royals - I think this will be a great series (time will tell). 1. Joe Buck - lose that fawkin' silly beard. 2. Harold Reynolds is the most entertaining baseball color guy since Joe Morgan. 3. I thought Joe Morgan could never be replaced.  

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Panties In the Jungle

I had no idea that sparkly thong panties would figure in my trip to the Upper Amazon of Peru. But, as a friend once said, “When you go places, things happen”. American Airlines canceled my flight to Lima so that was the start of it all and things went south, so to speak, from there. You, dear readers, are probably all too familiar with indifferent airline staff, abysmal customer service and all the other trials of today’s air travel so I’ll skip the gory details of hours of frustration and fighting just to get myself to Lima.Arriving a full 36 hours later than planned, I was able to meet up with my fellow expedition members with just one little snag. FAW-KINN-AE!...

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