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My Good Luck Charm

Funny story...
My new son-in law Allen, had a white Chevy Silverado pickup. On the back window of this truck, he had a Fawkinnae bumper sticker. He sold the truck to a buddy because his dad had gotten him a company truck to drive.

The friend had planned to remove the bumper sticker from the truck, but he hadn't gotten around to it yet. Well... he got pulled over, for speeding. But Faw-kinn-ae get this, the officer let him off with a warning because he told the driver, "I can't give you a ticket. I'm a member of the Fawkinnae Sportsman's Club too!" True story!

His friend has now changed his mind about removing the bumper sticker, saying, "It's my new good luck charm!"

Keep up the good work!

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