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Raccoon Raiders From Hell

Hi Doug! I have to tell you about our experience when we opened up our resort this spring. This year was our 50th year. Of course we were so excited to get back to camp in May. But we got a huge surprise when we we walked into the big cabin... The back door was unlocked and the screen was torn. Faw-kinn-ae! Inside it looked like a bomb went off! Everything - and I mean everything was torn apart, broken, spilled, and trashed.

Turns out two raccoons had spent the  winter inside. Every shelf was emptied onto the floor. Shampoos, body washes and other liquids were open and dumped out. Every inch of the floor was covered with debris. One large (secure?) tote of dry goods was empty. Pizza mixes, fish breading, flour, dry goods, everything was eaten that could be. Bedding and mattresses had to be destroyed. Approximately 40 large trash bags were removed from the cabin.

The worst part was we soon figured out the raccoons were still in the cabin. We found them hiding under a bed. Let’s just say they had a very stern talking to...   A very unpleasant way to start our 50th season, but Faw-kinn-ae we survived!



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