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The Fawkinnae Sportsman's Club sells themed hats and clothing featuring the word "Fawkinnae" spelled phonetically (sort of). The truth is it's just enough to confuse anyone who is inclined to think too hard and that's where the fun starts, "Does that say what I think it says?" These handsome themed biker tees tanks and hoodies, fishing and hunting shirts and caps, beer drinking shirts and viking shirts cater to both men and women and especially outdoor enthusiasts, motorcycle riders, fishermen and fisherwomen, hunters, football fans, oh and beer drinkers.

The fishing and hunting t shirts say "FÄW-KINN-AE Sportsman's Club". The biker t shirts, hoodies and tanks say "FÄW-KINN-AE Let's Ride". The hat collection includes a tan colored waxed canvas ballcap which makes it perfect as a fishing hat or hunting cap. The blaze orange cap has a camo bill and is ideal as a pheasant hunting cap or deer hunting cap. The camo hat is a perfect turkey hunting cap. We also have both cuffed and beanie style stocking caps in florescent green and blaze orange. These work well as a warm hunting hat, motorcycle hat, or ice fishing hat. The unique motorcycle t shirts hoodies and tanks will keep you warm or cool, depending on conditions. The walleye fishing shirt is the envy of everyone on the fishing trip. And the deer hunting shirt is the perfect prize for the biggest buck in deer camp. We have plus sizes too! Give these unique clothing products a try and you and everyone around you will be saying, FAW-KINN-AE!