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Crude? Perhaps. Funny? For sure.

The Fawkinnae Sportsman's Club started out as a couple of guys who said "Fawkinnae" every time something good (or bad, or funny, or...) happened to them. Especially while they were hunting, or fishing, or snowmobiling, or bowling, or snowboarding, or watching football, or playing cards... you get the idea.

We sell hunting and fishing t-shirts and caps. Sweatshirts by special order. We can also custom design and print just about anything you want that says "Fawkinnae" on it. (For custom orders the minimum quantity is 24).

Great hunting and fishing gifts and prizes. Need a father's day gift? How about a special birthday t-shirt ? What about that once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip you've been planning? Wouldn't a great fishing t-shirt be a hit! Need some great prizes for the icefishing contest? How about a cool drinking shirt to wear to your next cocktail party? How about a great hunting cap, party shirt, outdoorsman gift, a unique bowling shirt, icefishing apparel, snowmobiler gifts, a fishing cap, bowling prizes, hunting gifts, a fishing t-shirt, sportsman's Christmas gift, Nascar t-shirts, snowmobile gear, fishing tournament prizes? Find it here.

Your all-time favorite t-shirt or cap? Absolutely!



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