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The Legends of FAW•KINN•AE — biker party RSS

Fawkinnae - A Bikers Guide to Pronounciation

A couple years ago I invited my daughter's friend Emilee to come along with me to the Flood Run. The "Flood Run" is a motorcycle ride held twice a year, spring and fall, and is currently a charity event for Gillette Children's Hospital. The ride runs approximately between Hudson, WI and Red Wing, MN along both sides of he Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers. Emilee is a creative person, skilled with a camera and I wanted to see what would happen if she videotaped bikers at the Nauti Hawg in Diamond Bluff, WI. I simply asked her to photograph people as they attempted to read her Fawkinnae shirt... she kicked ass! #fawkinnae #floodrun #nautihawg #harleyride #sayitloud #bikerparty  

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