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Woman of the Lake - Fishing Opener

Years ago I applied for a job at a large ad agency in Minneapolis. I didn’t have any experience but I had a small portfolio and I managed, somehow to arrange for an interview. The interview went way better than I could have imagined and the woman who interviewed me loved everything I showed her. I started thinking, “Fawkinnae I should show her my Fawkinnae Sportsman’s Club art.” She looked at it and immediately a big grin crossed her face followed by a burst of laughter. She thought for a minute and then asked if I would mind if she made a copy of it because she wanted to show her husband. I said sure. Fast forward several year... my...

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FAWKINNAE, The Billy Goat Tavern and the Chicago Cubs

Well you might be wondering, what does the Chicago Cubs baseball team, the World Series, the Billy Goat Tavern and The Fawkinnae Sportsman’s Club have to do with each other. Well I’m glad you asked. First of all it’s World Series time and the Cubs are in it (first time since 1945). Interesting thing about 1945, that’s the year the Curse of the Billy Goat was laid on the Cubs when the Cub’s owner, P.K.Wrigley, ejected Billy Sianis and his goat from game four of the 1945 World Series. After being ejected Sianis declared, “The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more.” FAW-KINN-AE and so it was... until this year.Billy Sianis owned The World Famous Billy Goat Tavern and had come...

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